The mentoring

The IAHE Mentorship Program for Upledger CST is a new program developed to aid and support the learning and growth of CST practitioners.

Being a skilled practitioner of CST is an art form as much as it is a skill set. Additionally, the skills of mentorship are complimentary, but different than either teaching alone or practicing alone. As a certified and trained mentor, I have additional training needed to help you.

The ultimate purpose of mentorship is to promote your growth and development as a practitioner. Here are some common goals in that process:

  • To help you become knowledgeable about CST techniques, theory, and practice
  • Help you integrate and use CST assessments and evaluations
  • Help you integrate the training of CST into your own personal style
  • Understand and work more effectively with challenging clients and cases
  • Maintain high standards of ethics and practice

Opportunities for mentorship include:

  • 1×1 (either virtual or in person)
  • Small group (usually virtual)
  • Receiving treatment


You will find the list of mentors worlwide here

Contact the ombudsman for the worldwide mentoring program here

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