Individual mentorship

A mature manual therapy practice is truly an art form requiring skill, experience, reflection, and collaboration.

Experience has shown that teaching, mentoring, and practicing are overlapping but not identical skill sets. A good mentor/supervisor needs to have training, skills, and experience in each of the areas involved.  Additionally, neither observation alone nor practice alone results in skilled practitioners. Reflection is a key part of the development of skilled and experienced practitioners. The mentorship process is a key step focused upon the reflection process that arises in a complex exchange between mentor/mentee.

To schedule a consult for mentorship, you can request an appointment. If you are not sure if mentorship is right for you and would like to schedule a brief consult to determine if my mentorship services would be a good match for you, contact me.

Reasons why some practitioners receive mentorship:

  • To become a better practitioner
  • To receive reflection and feedback on current skills
  • To review and deepen techniques
  • To prepare for certifiction testing
  • To consult on challenging client cases
  • To review and deepen technical detail
  • To consult on ethical challenges which naturally arise in clinical practice
  • Philosophy:
    Here is some basic information about my mentorship philosophy if you are considering working with me:

  • The primary goal is to help you become a better practitioner.
  • We’ll work together to identify your personal education goals and skill level.
  • We’ll work together to co-design a mentorship program to help you achieve your educational goals.
  • What to expect:

  • Initally, we’ll have a conversation about the reasons why you are seeking mentorship as well as what your personal educational/learning goals might be.
  • Based on experience, I’ll make some recommendations on how we might work together to help you achieve your goals.
  • Possible mentorship options:

  • 1×1 meeting (in-person or virtual) where we review material and information
  • 1×1 meeting (in-person or virtual) where we reveiw clients and cases of yours
  • 1×1 meeting in person where we work on clients together
  • 1×1 meeting in person where we work together on one of your clients
  • Many other options depending on your educational needs
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