What is it?

The origins

At the basis of craniosacral therapy lies an inexplicable phenomenon that occurred during a medical procedure in the early seventies. Today, this therapy has evolved on a global level to one of the most important natural treatment methods. For patients, it offers hope to an end of their suffering.

The name “craniosacral therapy” was coined by John Upledger. He discovered a scarcely known system in the human body and started his research to define what it is and how it works. This system consists mainly of the brain and spinal fluids. The craniosacral system of the human body and its functioning can be improved by a “soft manual hands-on treatment technique”.

With the use of this soft technique, which can be compared to the weight of a 20-eurocent coin, craniosacral therapy improves the functioning of the central nervous system. This is an effective way to eliminate negative consequences of stress, to improve the resistance of the natural immune system and to improve health in general.

So, what are the results? Well, the results vary widely. There is the case of a female athlete with two Olympic medals who wanted to quit her career but overcame her severe fear of heights, and then there is the remarkable case of a young Belgian lad who was paralyzed, but who wanted to walk again at all costs and succeeded, thanks to craniosacral therapy (CST).

The SER-technique, which is the liberation of somato-emotional tension in the tissue, can help the body and mind to rid itself of the consequences of trauma and negative emotional experiences.

Constant research and discoveries help CST evolve in the scientific area of human health and well-being.

What is it?

Craniosacral therapy is a complementary therapy. At the same time, it is a modern therapy because of its total approach – both physical and mental.
It takes the whole human being into account by using specific and subtle techniques, combined with a non-directive dialog. You could call it “mindfulness through touch”.

CST does not strive to replace any other treatment, on the contrary. CST optimizes the functioning of the central nervous system and therefore supports any other treatment or therapy by making them more effective and as a result, often shortens them. This also leads to better results in classical treatments.

CST is of course a controversial therapy, but the results are indisputable and hard to ignore.
It offers an ideal addition to any classical medical treatment and any psychotherapy or psychoanalysis.

Watch this movie to make everything more clear.

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